What did you study?

Hello egghead smarties, if I list everything I studied, you will probably never believe me. Let’s say there’s 2 years of computer science, 2 years of radiology technician, a Psychology BSc (actually graduated, huh), massage therapist (7 certificates achieved in Thailand), UK Personal Trainer level III and Master of Hypnotherapy.

Photos from my Instagram. Some information is protected because … welcome to the Internet. See hint below.

"This is a judgement free zone"
(Until you make gains. Then we judge the F**K out of you.
Btw free speech, and I'm offended)
Profsioanl Trlol

Umm, how or when did I learn all of this? I won’t humblebrag here or make up an incredible story: firstly, I’m a MENSA member. Second, I almost always work and study at the same time, continuously. And third, I learned or studied quite a few things just for myself. For example, I figured that it is way cheaper to become a Personal Trainer than to pay for one. Not only will my trainer charge me a lot and make me dependant, but also will not actually teach me the real know-how (not because of malignance, but because of what personal training sessions are: you get a plan prepared for you, that you do under supervision).

Of course, if I wanted to become a professional athlete, I would probably hire an experienced athlete trainer, who won him/herself lots of medals. But honestly, I just wanted to know what to actually do in a gym to achieve good results.

Me performing sit-ups at IKEA in the Netherlands. Video from my FaceBook.

Some of the things, that I can call my skills are not even certified. Take web design. Though I studied computer science for some time, where I learned basics of HTML, and dipped into other programming languages and other different useful, related stuff, web design as such was not taught. And web design changed a lot in the last 20 years. But there’s a lot online info and online courses:)

And actually this is all I can say for now 😅

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