Are you gay or any LGBTQ?

Hello rainbow kids, this might sound disappointing for some of you, but honestly, I’m just a simple straight heterosexual woman. Sorry if that sounds boring:) 

Of course that’s not all about this matter. I also have an opinion. And I share it with S. Freud (with an additional point of view, that I explain later below in this blog). First of all, even Freud said, that we, humans are naturally bisexual in the sense of attraction, but there’s a twist. Let’s refer to Freud’s Letter to an American Mother in which he states:

“Homosexuality . . . is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation, it cannot be classified as an illness: we consider it to be a variation of the sexual function.”

Towards the end of his letter he says though:

“[Homosexuality] is produced by a certain arrest of sexual development”

(Freud, 2014d, p. 786)

Basically, same as Freud, I too strongly oppose social intolerance of homosexuals (or any colors of the rainbow community). Now I would like to throw in both genetics and one’s psychosexual development. 

Scientist found out, that our genes have not only a significant “strength” (inclination) towards variety of traits but also can be switched on. What does that mean? In my understanding it means simply, that someone can have a quite strong genetic inclination for being gay, and that can be triggered to be switched on by an experience: that doesn’t have to be a trauma, it could be something positive such as the experience of the attraction, love to a person of the same sex. And I think, and it appears logical to me, that if someone has a really weak, almost non-existent inclination towards homosexuality, then not even a trauma will make that person gay (or bisexual). Of course, she/he will be yet traumatized nevertheless…. but you get my point.

And I guess, that is what Freud meant by “certain arrest of development”.

Now I’m not so sure, if such a thing can be turned off again. I honestly don’t think so. But please remember that this is simply my opinion. 

Last but not least, there are papers stating that the switch-on can happen at any time in life. 

Therefore, dear fellow humans, it could actually happen to me too. Just because it hasn’t happened yet… who knows what the future brings 😉

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